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Posted on Aug 25, 2008 in Culture, Media | 0 comments

Film Festival: A Place Called Sacramento

The winners have been chosen for Access Sacramento’s 9th Annual “A Place Called Sacramento” film festival, which is to take place on October 5, 2008 at the Crest Theater. Scroll down for a list of the winners!


Sacramento in Jeopardy by Garret Paul Nyland
Think you “know” Sacramento? Answer in the form of a question, no Dodgers please, and see why we are, “Superior California”.

AB-540 by Travis Silcox
Decisions made in our State Legislature have great impact on Socorro. Examine the meaning of “citizenship” through her eyes.

Sweet Lemonade by Alison Wells
It takes a village to “make lemonade” in this bittersweet tale of a mother and daughter’s struggle to live as a family in Serna Village.

Half a Man by Joaquin Murrieta
Guillermo’s courage is tested by the criminals he chases, his impending marriage, and as a man facing cancer.

The Note by Savannah Knight
Jaden’s melancholy over Kya preoccupies every thought. His friends cannot help but a mysterious note distracts him and the journey of unknowns begins.

Emergency 916 by Matt Johnson
When “nature calls” all other priorities become insignificant. Join one man’s “quest for relief” in downtown Sacramento.

Saturday is Rugby Day by Jessica Vasquez
Women’s rugby is one rough game. But team members struggle with thoughts of the one player not in the game.

Remember Me by Eric Cotenas
Melissa is missing – or is she? Landmark photos are the clues that Kyle and Alice follow, always dreading what they will find.

I Luv Sacramento by Wayne Johnson
Newspapers reporters compete for their job. Their assignment: find the ten reasons and one word that best describes living in Sacramento.

Stakin’ Claim by Russell Nichols
Should Joe, the longtime Del Paso Boulevard shopkeeper, sell out to the fast-food chain or join forces with Michael, Linda and the mysterious “painter”?

A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival Official Site