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Posted on Apr 12, 2011 in Culture, Featured, Media, Sports & Games | 0 comments

Kings: #HereWeStay to #HereWeSit

As you likely well know, the Sacramento Kings may be on their way to Anaheim, but it won’t be without a fight. No, if the Maloofs have already decided, there’s not much Kings fans can do, but the rest of the country has taken notice. And Kings fans haven’t given up…

It all started with the #HereWeStay movement on Twitter, including an ad campaign by Glass Agency and You may have noticed the following billboards around Sacramento…


The support recently grew into the #HereWeBuild pledge drive started by @CarmichaelDave whose fundraiser has brought in over $500,000 in pledges!  The amount includes Jiffy Lube’s initial $25,000, more money brought in via donations and spreading the message via their billboards around Sacramento (see below). It didn’t take long for a web site to go up at and a Facebook page to be added to the effort.


With the last game of the season looming, @CarmichaelDave on Twitter” href=”” target=”_blank”>@CarmichaelDave has started #HereWeSit – a simple, yet very symbolic gesture of fans sitting in their seats for thirty minutes after the end of what could be the last Kings game in Power Balance Pavilion. Word is spreading fast on Twitter and, apparently, several news stations are interested in the story…

There’s been a rally, a march, a gathering at the state capitol, hundreds of thousands of dollars pledged, sell out games and now, #HereWeSit.