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Posted on Feb 8, 2012 in Culture, Featured, Government | 0 comments

Think BIG Seeking Support at Feb 14 Council Meeting

Think BIG SacramentoAs you know, Sacramento is facing a pivotal choice. We can either move forward with an Entertainment & Sports Complex (ESC) project that creates thousands of jobs and billions in economic activity. Or, we fail to complete the ESC project, and experience the economic and cultural consequences of no longer being a professional sports city and a venue for hosting major cultural events.

The City Council is scheduled to vote on February 14th on whether to take the next step as we explore the Parking Public Private Partnership (P4) concept – a critical component in the ESC funding process. Community engagement has been the driving force of the Think BIG initiative, and Think BIG needs you, as leaders in our community, to amplify the message that we can only create jobs and economic development through development of an ESC – and that the P4 proposal is the pivotal piece in making the ESC a reality.

Specifically, here is what Think BIG is asking you to do:  Contact your City Council member by email or phone and let them know you personally, as a community member and Citizen Architect, support the P4 proposal.  Council information is included below.

  1. Send an email to your networks, sharing our message and asking them to contact their City Council members.
  2. Submit a letter to the editor in the Sacramento Bee (click here).
  3. Agree to speak in support of the P4 proposal at the crucial February 14th City Council meeting. Yes, we know it’s Valentine’s Day – make it a family affair! We need your support!

As the City explores entering into a public-private partnership with a third-party parking operator, Think BIG has looked to data and lessons learned from other cities who have evaluated similar courses of action. Think BIG has reviewed and analyzed approaches taken in other municipalities, including Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  By incorporating lessons learned from other jurisdictions, the City of Sacramento will ensure that taxpayers are protected and that the City maximizes private investment that will create jobs and transformative economic growth for the Sacramento region.

Council Contact Information:

District 1: E-mail  Phone 916-808-7001
District 2: E-mail Phone 916-808-7002
District 3: E-mail Phone 916-808-7003
District 4: E-mail Phone 916-808-7004
District 5: E-mail Phone 916-808-7005
District 6: E-mail Phone 916-808-7006
District 7: E-mail Phone 916-808-7007
District 8: E-mail Phone 916-808-7008