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Posted on Feb 7, 2012 in Food & Drink | 0 comments

New Food blog: eat well, live free

eat well, live freeA new web site, “eat well, live free,” is a Vegetarian food blog that focuses on recipes, short essays and supporting local businesses that cater to vegetarian and vegans.  All of the business reviews are positive.  The purpose of the reviews are to be a resource as to where one can find great food and products in line with our dietary needs.

Eat Well, Live Free is an adventurous, Sacramento food blog that focuses on healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes influenced by the seasons, locally grown food and family traditions.  My husband, Marcos, and I, firmly believe that by eating healthy, humanely and in season, our minds and bodies are healthy and we live free.  Most of the recipes are based on what is currently growing in our gardens and available at the local farmers market.  I am on a constant search to find delicious and healthy recipes that satisfy all the veggies and carnies in the family.

Recent articles include recipes such as Orzo pasta salad with preserved lemon relish and Peanut butter banana breakfast smoothie, and a review of the vegan meatloaf sandwich at Dad’s Sandwiches. Along with the quality content, you will find some mouth-watering photos as well… For example, the following is from their article on Celery Root and Hazelnut Soup:

Celery Root and Hazelnut Soup from eat well, live free

Celery Root and Hazelnut Soup from eat well, live free


Visit eat well, live free. Like their Facebook page. Follow on Twitter.