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Posted on Jul 17, 2008 in Fun For Kids, Getting Around | 0 comments

American River Parkway

The American River Parkway is well known for its bike paths, horse trails and parks. It runs from Old Sacramento, just past Downtown Sacramento, to Folsom Lake in Folsom, CA (about 30mi). There is river access for vehicles along several points where people start or end their rafting trips. If you’re in for a nice bike ride, you’ll pass California State University, Sacramento, Cal Expo, Discovery Park and many more smaller parks and attractions. When the weather is nice, the bike trails can be crowded and some bikers use it as their own race course. Walkers are to stay on the left side, facing on coming bicycle traffic and bikers use the right lane, as on city streets. The parkway is also home to much of the area’s natural wildlife including deer, coyotes, skunks, snakes and the occasional mountain lion. Warnings are usually given by the media when mountain lion sightings occur.


American River Parkway Official Site