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Posted on Feb 27, 2011 in Food & Drink, Goods & Services | 0 comments

Trade Entertainment Book Coupons & Save More!

You probably already know about Entertainment Books… You know, the books full of coupons you bought through the school, someone at work, etc. Did you make the most of the book and get your investment back? Did you save twice as much as you spent on the book? Three times as much? If not, you should give this a try…

And now is the time to do it! For a limited time, Entertainment Books are 50% off. Plus, shipping is free!

Trading your Entertainment coupons will maximize your savings by allowing you to get rid of the coupons you know you’ll be left with when the book expires, while getting more of the ones you know you’ll use!

So, where do you find people to trade coupons with? Simply reply to this topic on and post a list of the coupons you want. Then, contact another member who has posted their list. All it will cost is the price of a stamp… think of the savings!

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