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Posted on Aug 26, 2008 in Goods & Services, Government | 0 comments

Sacramento’s 211 Hotline

There is an article today on regarding Sacramento’s 211 hotline and I found that many people didn’t even know this service existed! And, in an effort to help people during hard times, the Community Services Planning Council is looking to expand the hotline.

Callers using the 211 hotline can be referred to a wide variety of services that can hep with needs such as paying utility bills, mortgages, and other financial needs. Those who call also seek help finding temporary housing, children’s services and other help from nonprofit organizations. The service is also helpful during times of crisis and offers an alternative to the 911 system, which is for emergency situations only.

Currently only residents of Sacramento County can benefit from this service (in this region), but the council is looking to expand into five neighboring counties. By the end of the year they expect the hotline to handle over 55,000 calls and want to double that number over the next four years.