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Posted on Jun 16, 2011 in Featured, Fun For Kids, Government | 0 comments

City Budget Impacts Summer Swimming

Public Swimming PoolI have some fond memories of going to a public pool while staying with family a few weeks during the Summer… My parents probably liked the fact that I wasn’t out riding my bike on busy streets or getting into trouble. In the Sacramento area, public pools also provide an alternative to the dangers of swimming in local rivers. Unfortunately, the number of pools open to the public is much lower this Summer.

The City of Sacramento recently announced which of the public pool will be open, or closed, due to budget reductions. Because funding to maintain the city’s swimming pools has been reduced from $3.5 million to under $1 million, several Sacramento area pools will be closed. Others will have reduced hours and/or services.

From: City of Sacramento Summer 2001 Aquatics Directory

Pool hours, dates & programming may be affected due to potential budget reductions beginning July 1, 2011. Recreational swim hours, fees, and dates may be subject to change. We regretfully cannot take any program registration payments at City pool facilities.

Pool Locations and Schedules:

Cabrillo Pool / Wading Pool
Location: 1648 65th Ave
Phone: 433-6271

Clunie Pool / Wading Pool
Location: Alhambra & McKinley Blvd
Phone: 808-5301
Dates: 6/21-9/4

Doyle Pool / Wading Pool
Location: Brewerton & Mendel Way
Phone: 566-6420
Dates: 6/13-8/7

Glenn Hall Pool
Location: Carlson & Sandburg Drs
Phone: 277-6071
Closed for recreational swim

Johnston Pool / Wading Pool
Location: 231 Eleanor Ave
Phone: 808-6421
Dates: 6/13-8/7

Mangan Pool
Location: 2230 34th Ave
Phone: 433-6272

McClatchy Park Pool / Wading Pool
Location: 35th St & 5th Ave
Phone: 277-6041
Dates: 6/20-8/28

Natomas High School Pool
Location: 3301 Fong Ranch Road
Phone: 566-3644
Closed for recreational swim

Oki Pool / Wading Pool
Location: Wissemann Dr & Cliffwood Way
Phone: 277-6160

Pannell Meadowview Pool / Wading Pool
Location: 2450 Meadowview Rd
Phone: 808-6622
Dates: 6/21-9/6

Sim Pool (George Sim Pool)
Location: 6207 Logan Street
Phone: 808-3768
Dates: 6/21-8/29

Southside Pool / Wading Pool
Location: 6th & U Sts
Phone: 808-5331

Tahoe Pool / Training Pool
Location: 3535 59th St
Phone: 277-6072

Play Pools

Bertha Henschel Park Play Pool
Location: A St & 45th St
Phone: 808-5301
Dates: 6/21-8/28

Colonial Park Play Pool
Location: 18th Ave & 53rd St
Phone: 277-6041
Dates: 6/21-8/22

Mama Marks Park Play Pool
Location: Roanoke Ave & Belden St
Phone: 808-6421
Dates: 6/13-8/5

Robertson Park Play Pool
Location: 3525 Norwood Ave
Phone: 808-6421
Dates: 6/13-8/7

Wm. Land Park Play Pool
Location: Riverside Blvd. and 13th Ave
Phone: 277-6041
Dates: 6/21-8/22

Register online at for all aquatics programs.