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Posted on Mar 10, 2009 in Media | 37 comments

Yard Crashers on DIY Network

Yard Crashers Host Ahmed Hassan

I was flipping through the channels a while back and came across a show I hadn’t seen before called Yard Crashers. I was about to move on when I saw that they were at OSH and heard the host mention Sacramento. I thought it was a fluke, watched the show, and soon forgot about it. Until yesterday…

The same thing happened – I was flipping through the channels and happened across Yard Crashers. This time they were at Emigh Hardware, located on El Camino near Watt Ave! It wasn’t a fluke.

Yard Crashers is a home improvement show, like Curb Appeal or , hosted by landscaper Ahmed Hassan. The crew stakes out a hardware store and ambushes customers. Most are too startled or standoffish, but inevitably one will accept Hassan’s offer and Yard Crashers has a new project. Yard Crashers is the product of the Sacramento firm, Idea Factory. More information about the show can be found on

I looked through our TV’s guide and found more episodes to record, but also saw that they were all older episodes. Apparently it’s between seasons, which makes me think they’re going to start filming soon, especially since the weather is getting nicer! So, keep an eye out for Ahmed Hassan at a local hardware store! You might be able to get a free yard renovation!

YouTube Preview Image



    always an excellent show, a learning experience with a vast display of professionalism in every area of landscaping. I just love to see the way you deliver, nothing less than the best. This is the truth.

  • elizabeth

    always i am watching diy and hgtv you guys are doing an excellent jobs i learn every thing and its my favorite to see landscaping and home improvement.

  • sherry gallegos

    my husband watches your show all the time . it is the greatest what you do for people that want the help . how could i get you to help my husband out . he has had surgery on his schoulder and can’t do nothing more to are back yard. so when will you be in elk grove ca. again for he could go and try to see you there and get pick. thak you very much his wife. his name is paul gallegos

  • Marsha Foreman

    I LOVE YOUR SHOW. I watch all the time. I’m a 55yr old female that is completely hooked on the show.

    Even though I would love to have a make over for my daughter’s new home (located at xxxx xxth Ave.) her neighbor is in more need than she is. The elderly lady has a HUGE PECAN tree that is moving her home. The tree in growing into her roof!! She has no money and no one to help her with her home nor her yard.

    If there is anything that can be done to help her, she would appreciate it greatly!! I am trying to also see if the county or Social Services have some type of unit that would come in and assist her with her needs. IT WOULD BE WONDERFUL COME IN AND COMPLETLY CHANGE HER LIFE!! It would make a darn good show!!!

  • ExploreSAC

    I should point out that this blog is not affiliated with Yard Crashers. While I appreciate the comments, I don’t want anyone expecting a representative from the show to respond here…

    Marsha, I redacted the address from your comment. I can’t speak for your daughter, but I wouldn’t want my address posted, regardless of the good intentions. Anyhow, I have had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Hassan and I’m afraid they don’t take requests such as this.

  • AwYeah

    My friends were on the Tropical Backyard episode last year! These guys are awesome!

  • PamelaWinston

    You are so awesome!!! We (my husband and I) watch your show all the time. We’ve been married living in the same house for twenty years (with 3 teenagers).We saved for years and finally closed on a brand new home. We got an excellent deal because the house was being sold as is. The builder ran out of money. There was no plumbing, electricity, central heat and air, faucets, toilets,and no light fixtures or appliances. Yes, we had pay to do all the work. The front is sodded but the back yard is completely blank.There is not a stick on the scene. The community is beautiful
    and the man next door’s yard has a awesome in ground swimming pool scene going. We’re like, how on earth are we gonna compete with that.If you could just give us ideas would be a God send.
    Pam Winstom

  • Jim Macias

    This is for Ahmed and his great Yard Crasher Crews. My son and his beautiful wife are expecting their third child.We were given the news on Christmas Day. But three months into the pregnancy she began having unusual pain in her back and legs. After several doctor appointments a specialist found she had a form of blood cancer that attacks the bone tissue.The cancer has destroyed one vertebra completely. She spent 4 weeks in the University of San Francisco Hospital and then came home for a short stay. The pregnancy will be induce this July 6 2010. This is the earliest the baby can be taken safely. Four days later they will start a very strong chemo treatment. Then the will operate to build a artificial vertebra to replace the one destroyed by the cancer.After that she will be on a chemo drip. She will be in the San Francisco hospital for 6 to 8 weeks. My son Nic is a warehouse worker and his wife Sonia works for the State of Calif.. She has not been to in four months. Fortunately everyone has pulled together to help them thru this crisis. They have a 10 year old and a 5 year old little girls. Sorry to say but the backyard is nothing but cut down weeds. This would be great homecoming gift for Sonia, our new grandbaby and surprise for Nic,Savanah and Isabella. Thank You for your time and show. Jim

  • Bruce and Ronda Davis

    Do you ever make crashes in the foothills? We have an acre in Garden Valley above Coloma and are paying over $500.00 every 2 months on water just to keep it green. We would so so so love it for you to crash our place, my husband is very very handy and has very handy family and friends but he doesn’t have “vision”. I know there is so much we could do to cut back on water and still have a beautiful welcoming yard. I know you could turn our place into “the Little Acre of Heaven” that I know it can be. Please Help. In the hills and desperate for Entertaining and saving big bucks on water bill. Thank you So much Ronda

  • gabriela meza

    i watch ur show and i love it. how much would u charge me to come over and remodel my bathroom?

  • Debra Thomas

    I love the show. I wish it could come to Creedmoor N.C. Specifically to my house. I’ll just keep watching and getting ideas.

  • Stacey Kannapel

    I absolutely LOVE< LOVE< LOVE your show. I watch and always say "why don't they come to TN"? PLEASE, PLEASE come to Woodlawn, TN. I desperately need help figuring out what to do with my yard and landscaping. I don't have the eye for what is going to look good and how to make things flow for the small piece of land we have. My husband and I would love to have you and your crews expertise!!!

  • linda burton

    I love your show. You are great at what you do. Your show is very informative and really entertaining. I hope you get too helmet, cal. We could use your help. God bless you.

  • linda burton

    Please come to hemet, cal. Your great, and we need you here.

  • linda burton

    My best friend is a dialysis patient. She needs help with her yard. She helps everyone and is a real giver. We have done a lot of clean up but haven’t been able to finish her yard. We all love your show and watch daily. Please help her if you can. Forever grateful, Linda.

  • jan jacobs

    we have a three level yard a few old oak trees and nothing but dirt we live on a golf course….Please come and help us ……you can do whatever you want…we have no ideas as to what we want. Our home is tuscan,, Please help,

    Merla and Jan Jacobs

  • Vikki & Joe Marceau

    We have a beautiful yard in folsom that is on about on a 1/3 acre lot – We have done a lot of work and rework then some rework over our twenty years hear but it is just not all together. Would love to have someone tell us what is missing, is a very pretty yard but never really a finished feeling or a good plan – it’s kind of all pieced together. Please Help could you an advisor

  • Kevin Sievert

    Here’s a thought… Yard Crashers “On The Road”. Ahmed is needed in the Chicagoland area! Specifically my house. Your designs and work are awesome. Keep up the amazing work and we’ll keep watching (and praying we run into you at the Downers Grove Home Depot on 6/15/11 @ 9:15 Am) Hint,Hint!

  • Tim McBroome

    Ahmed you need to come up to Redding!!


    Ahmed we need you in Brentwood CA.94513! Its warm here no need for jackets! We have a clean pallet for your great ideas. Lots of room to work.

  • Lesa Vaughn

    Wow! how nice it would be for yard crashers / visit Sacramento,Ca. and help me with my fix my yard so me and my Grands and enjoy it. I don’t know where it start???

    layde in Sacramento

  • Sara

    Hi my name is Sara my brother just bought him house and I looked at the backyard and it is nasty and gross. My brother is 20 and about to turn 21 in august and I want to get him an awesome gift. Can you help me out?

  • Laura Hamrick

    We have totally remodeled our home and now our yard needs some love!Please come to North Carolina and help us create an amazing oasis getaway!

  • Angelina Ortiz

    Ahmed I real help with my yard, how can I get on yard crasher in the 95363 area

  • Michelle Medina

    Ahmed we need you in Victorville California… I have planted many trees, plants that just don’t live with the weather in the desert. We have a slope in my backyard that nothing will grow on. We tried to paint our coping for our pool & it just peals off & looks like a kindergarder painted it. Please help:)

  • Lena Rogers

    hi,  i am 72 tears old & im not physicaly able & i can;t afford to do my yard wich is very bare. I dont have a patio are anything. can you help me?    I am in bad health & a nice yard would help a lot.  Thank you,                             Lena Rogers  414 Chautauqua Ln  
                                                 Dexter,     missouri    63641

  • Everodriguez15

    Ahmen i am not to sure if i am doing this correctly by sending this email, but my aunts husband watches your show alot, they have a small back yard in which they use in the summer for family parties and get togethers and she also uses it for those who need a place for a kids party and cannot afford a place to rent, but my  aunts husband has a very bad back and needs an operation and has been putting the work off for sometime, and they have been living at their home for 10 years and have not been able to afford to do the yard, i had asked my aunt several times to write to you but she feels weird doing so,  they are very sweet and kind to alot of people and we need you in Staten Island New York.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry to say that by posting a comment here, you have not emailed Ahmed… As I’ve mentioned previously, this is not Ahmed’s site, nor is it a way to contact the show, Yard Crashers… The premise of the show is to find unsuspecting shoppers at stores, so I’m not sure if a solicitation will work, but I wish you the best of luck.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE your show, you show so much passion and do all that hard work to turn yards into beautiful retreats.  I need you in Sacramento. :-}

  • Dortha tarrant

    MY daughter has Multiple  Scleroses husband been dead several years and she loves a pretty yard, I have been trying to drive up every year, spade the beds and plant several flowers for her but since I live a 175 west of her and am 84 years old, it has become almost 
    impossible for me to do it anymore and it breaks my heart.  We could sure use your help
    Ahmed.  She lives in a big white house that  was built in the late 18 hundreds, she told me
    but I keep forgetting just  how old it is;but over a hundred year old.. If you could even consider this I’d be the most grateful mother that ever lived.  She lives near Dallas Ft. Worth Area.. Does therepy exercise faithfully as she is determined to not have to stay in the wheelchair, only uses it when she mops her floors and does her washing etc. wanting to continue to live independant as long as possible..   She tries to keep the flowers watered
    and weeded, and does a fair job, takes her scooter out and a long probe with a forked prong on it pushes it under the weeds and pryes them up!!   Thanks for Listening..

  • Rose Espino

    Ahmed, just wanted to say how much my husband & myself love the show. I didn’t know you were here in Sacramento, wish I did..when are you coming back into this area again? We would love to have you come and visit our yard, but I guess you hear that from everyone.Thanks again for our wonderful show and great ideas. –  Sacramento, CA (Pocket area 95831)

  • Nuet

    i wish they did this show it other states i live in Utah and would love having my back yard done lol

  • Marty

    Are they taking ahmed off of yard grashers. I see they have Matt hosting yard crashers now, I hope they arnt because Ahmed is the best.

  • Beeatriz

    Open your eyes stupid people, this isn’t an hgtv website! Stop begging for a makeover! Idiots!

  • Tdonaghey

    Very cool stuff. Great to see this in the Sacramento region!

  • Richard A. Martinez Sr.

    If you are ever in Pueblo or Denver Colorado our family would love to have improve our back yards, both yards need  ALOT of work.
    We would love to see you. Stacey Martinez in Pueblo and Richard A. Martinez in Denver, Colorado.


    I was ambushed by Matt from yard crashers at Lowes, Citrus Heights on Grenback Lane back in November,2012, him and his staff filmed me asked me questions and he asked me, HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO GET YOUR BACK YARD DONE, I was so ecstatic, and told him YES, I Would, ,he told me to give some information to this asst, who asked me if I would mind being on TV, I told her I would not, she said the show would show in March, and they would be calling me, HAVE NOT HEARD FROM THEM, I am a little embarrassed because I told all my family,and now nothing, what a big disappointment. I am in my 70’s, probably to old..thanks for letting me vent.,